Is Fish Oil for Children Safe or Dangerous?

by Henri

Is Fish Oil for Children Safe?With the craze surrounding omega 3 fatty acids and the numerous health benefits that they are capable of providing.

Many parents have wondered about increasing the amount of fish that their children consume.

This is only natural, as parents want their children to experience the same increase in health benefits that they do.

There has been a popular myth circulating, however, that fish oil for children is an unwise idea and could actually potentially be dangerous. This is a complete falsehood, as long as you are wise about how you feed fish and fish oil to your children.

The truth is that fish oil for children is only dangerous if the product has not been purified properly. When feeding fish to children, only the best and the cleanest fish should be used in order to ensure that optimum health benefits are experienced without any harm.

Scientific studies and medical research have shown that there are benefits of fish oil for children that begin as early as while the baby is still developing in the womb.

The DHA or docosahexaenoic present in the omega 3 fatty acids aids in the development of the eyes and the brain of the baby in when mom increases her consumption of these essential omega 3’s.

There are other ways that fish oil for children can be a beneficial thing as well. Many manufacturers of baby formula products are beginning to add it to their formulas because scientific studies are showing that children that received docosahexaenoic (DHA) and other omega 3 essential fatty acids have performed better on tests measuring their vision and mental development in comparison to those that have not.

There have been other scientific studies that have showed that these omega 3 fatty acids in babies have led to increased intelligence in adulthood.

Another common link when it comes to administering fish oil for children has to do with ADD and ADHD, a condition that is becoming increasingly common.

Parents who are increasing their child’s intake of fish rich in essential fatty acids have been able to avoid administering powerful medications such as Ritalin, as these essential fatty acids have shown to be capable of calming down children struggling with ADD and ADHD, allowing their ability to focus to return.

While the myth states that omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil are not healthy for children, the truth about fish oil for children is that these essential fatty acids have many of the same positive health benefits as giving fish oil to adults.

The way to ensure that taking these essential fatty acids is completely safe and healthy for children is to make sure that they are only given the cleanest and purest fish to ensure that there are no toxins or harmful substances for them to ingest.

It is also recommended that you give them high-quality fish oil capsules, as these can be even safer than fish, if you find a properly purified supplement. My family and I personally buy from a company in New Zealand, which produces what I’ve found to be the highest-quality products.

Fish is a healthy addition to any nutrition plan, but now there are even more reasons to make sure that children are getting enough lean fish to eat. Fish oil for children can be an excellent way to begin their development.

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