All About Fish Oil Supplements – Discover the Truth About Fish Oil Capsules, Tablets and Liquids

by Henri

Millions of people all around the globe are beginning to realize the tremendous health benefits that come from using the best fish oil supplements daily.

Before you rush out and buy a fish oil supplement—hear me out, because you should know this. There are many companies out there that produce low-quality products. It’s easy to think that there is no difference between a cheaper product and an expensive one.

Sometimes that is true, but if you compare a cheap or even mediocre product to a truly effective high-quality product, the differences are big.

A high-quality product will give you tremendous health benefits down the road, while a cheap product might not, and could even harm your health because of bad manufacturing processes.

The best news is that a high-quality product doesn’t have to be expensive if you can find the right company. I personally think that many companies charge too much for their omega 3 capsules.

This is unfortunate because it shuts out a lot of people that need to experienced the health benefits of fish oil supplements.

Did you know that scientists estimate that over 90% of men, women and children today are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids? A deficiency has been linked to all sorts of health conditions and mental problems.

Don’t worry though, finding the best fish oil supplements is easy when you know what to look for and what to avoid…

What to Avoid in Fish Oil Supplements

Many companies claim to have the best fish oil supplements, but when you look closer you will often find that they have no proof to back up their claims.

I’ve always thought that if a company has the best products and proof to back it up, they will let you know the second you land on their website.

Here are three things you want to avoid in your omega 3 capsules, tablets or liquid.

  1. Rancidity – Many products today are rancid. You can perform a test by biting into your omega 3 capsules. If your omega 3 supplement is rancid, you will know from the foul taste. It should have a fresh, mild fishy taste.
  2. Low-Quality – Always make sure that the oil is produced properly and kept fresh. Fish oil oxidizes fast, which is why it requires a delicate manufacturing process.
  3. Price – Too cheap or too expensive—they are both equally bad. There are plenty of good products that are expensive, but finding the best fish oil supplements at a fair price is what you want.

What to Look for in a Fish Oil Supplement

There are many factors that play in to how effective a fish oil supplement is. During my years of research I’ve learned quite a few things.

These are just a few of the steps I take to find the best omega 3 capsules, tablets and liquids. If you follow these steps, you will easily find a high-quality product that doesn’t cost you more than $20 a month. I know because I’m using a product like this daily.

  1. Ingredients – The first thing you want to look at is what fatty fish species are used in the fish oil supplement. You always want to make sure that no inferior fish are used. I personally look for fatty fish such as: mackerel, anchovies, halibut, salmon, sardines, tuna or hoki.
  2. Purity – We all know that most fatty fish are swimming in polluted waters, which makes them dangerous for us to consume in high quantities. This is why I like to look for fish that are caught in Norway, South Africa or New Zealand. I also make sure that the product that I buy has been molecularly distilled to ensure pharmaceutical grade purity and safety.
  3. Effectiveness – Many companies are afraid of having independent reviews done on their products. When you’re looking for the best fish oil supplements, look for clinical trials and reviews done by government approved laboratories to confirm their effectiveness. Watch out for companies that claim to have high-quality fish oil supplements, but fail to back it up.

The above three steps will arm you with more knowledge than most people have. Just going to your local store and picking up an omega 3 supplement is not the best option today.

Most products in these stores are usually mediocre and overpriced since the store has to make a profit as well. This is why the best deals are found when you buy directly from the company that manufactures the omega 3 capsules.

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